Documentation for <wlr/backend/interface.h>

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void wlr_backend_finish(​struct wlr_backend *backend);

Emit the destroy event and clean up common backend state.

struct wlr_backend_impl

struct wlr_backend_impl {
	bool (*start)(​struct wlr_backend *backend);
	void (*destroy)(​struct wlr_backend *backend);
	struct wlr_session *(*get_session)(​struct wlr_backend *backend);
	clockid_t (*get_presentation_clock)(​struct wlr_backend *backend);
	int (*get_drm_fd)(​struct wlr_backend *backend);
	uint32_t (*get_buffer_caps)(​struct wlr_backend *backend);


void wlr_backend_init(​struct wlr_backend *backend, const struct wlr_backend_impl *impl);

Initializes common state on a struct wlr_backend and sets the implementation to the provided struct wlr_backend_impl reference.