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struct wlr_dmabuf_attributes

struct wlr_dmabuf_attributes {
	int32_t width, height;
	uint32_t format; // FourCC code, see DRM_FORMAT_* in <drm_fourcc.h>
	uint64_t modifier; // see DRM_FORMAT_MOD_* in <drm_fourcc.h>
	int n_planes;
	uint32_t offset[];
	uint32_t stride[];
	int fd[];

A Linux DMA-BUF pixel buffer.

If the buffer was allocated with explicit modifiers enabled, the `modifier` field must not be INVALID.

If the buffer was allocated with explicit modifiers disabled (either because the driver doesn't support it, or because the user didn't specify a valid modifier list), the `modifier` field can have two values: INVALID means that an implicit vendor-defined modifier is in use, LINEAR means that the buffer is linear. The `modifier` field must not have any other value.

When importing a DMA-BUF, users must not ignore the modifier unless it's INVALID or LINEAR. In particular, users must not import a DMA-BUF to a legacy API which doesn't support specifying an explicit modifier unless the modifier is set to INVALID or LINEAR.


bool wlr_dmabuf_attributes_copy(​struct wlr_dmabuf_attributes *dst, const struct wlr_dmabuf_attributes *src);

Clones the DMA-BUF attributes.


void wlr_dmabuf_attributes_finish(​struct wlr_dmabuf_attributes *attribs);

Closes all file descriptors in the DMA-BUF attributes.