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extern const struct wlr_keyboard_grab_interface wlr_data_device_keyboard_drag_interface;

struct wlr_data_device_manager

struct wlr_data_device_manager {
	struct wl_global *global;
	struct wl_list data_sources;
	struct wl_listener display_destroy;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;
	void *data;


struct wlr_data_device_manager *wlr_data_device_manager_create(​struct wl_display *display);

Create a wl_data_device_manager global for this display.


extern const struct wlr_pointer_grab_interface wlr_data_device_pointer_drag_interface;


extern const struct wlr_touch_grab_interface wlr_data_device_touch_drag_interface;

struct wlr_data_offer

struct wlr_data_offer {
	struct wl_resource *resource;
	struct wlr_data_source *source;
	enum wlr_data_offer_type type;
	struct wl_list link; // wlr_seat.{selection_offers,drag_offers}
	uint32_t actions;
	enum wl_data_device_manager_dnd_action preferred_action;
	bool in_ask;
	struct wl_listener source_destroy;

enum wlr_data_offer_type

enum wlr_data_offer_type {

struct wlr_data_source

struct wlr_data_source {
	const struct wlr_data_source_impl *impl;
	// source metadata
	struct wl_array mime_types;
	int32_t actions;
	// source status
	bool accepted;
	// drag'n'drop status
	enum wl_data_device_manager_dnd_action current_dnd_action;
	uint32_t compositor_action;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;


void wlr_data_source_accept(​struct wlr_data_source *source, uint32_t serial, const char *mime_type);

Notifies the data source that a target accepts one of the offered MIME types. If a target doesn't accept any of the offered types, `mime_type` is NULL.


void wlr_data_source_destroy(​struct wlr_data_source *source);

Notifies the data source it is no longer valid and should be destroyed. That destroys immediately the data source.


void wlr_data_source_dnd_action(​struct wlr_data_source *source, enum wl_data_device_manager_dnd_action action);

Notifies the data source that a target accepts the drag with the specified action.

This shouldn't be called after wlr_data_source_dnd_drop() unless the drag-and-drop operation ended in an "ask" action.


void wlr_data_source_dnd_drop(​struct wlr_data_source *source);

Notifies the data source that the drop operation was performed. This does not indicate acceptance.

The data source may still be used in the future and should not be destroyed here.


void wlr_data_source_dnd_finish(​struct wlr_data_source *source);

Notifies the data source that the drag-and-drop operation concluded. That potentially destroys immediately the data source.

struct wlr_data_source_impl

struct wlr_data_source_impl {
	void (*send)(​struct wlr_data_source *source, const char *mime_type, int32_t fd);
	void (*accept)(​struct wlr_data_source *source, uint32_t serial, const char *mime_type);
	void (*destroy)(​struct wlr_data_source *source);
	void (*dnd_drop)(​struct wlr_data_source *source);
	void (*dnd_finish)(​struct wlr_data_source *source);
	void (*dnd_action)(​struct wlr_data_source *source, enum wl_data_device_manager_dnd_action action);

A data source implementation. Only the `send` function is mandatory. Refer to the matching `wlr_data_source_*` functions documentation to know what they do.


void wlr_data_source_init(​struct wlr_data_source *source, const struct wlr_data_source_impl *impl);

Initializes the data source with the provided implementation.


void wlr_data_source_send(​struct wlr_data_source *source, const char *mime_type, int32_t fd);

Sends the data as the specified MIME type over the passed file descriptor, then close it.

struct wlr_drag

struct wlr_drag {
	enum wlr_drag_grab_type grab_type;
	struct wlr_seat_keyboard_grab keyboard_grab;
	struct wlr_seat_pointer_grab pointer_grab;
	struct wlr_seat_touch_grab touch_grab;
	struct wlr_seat *seat;
	struct wlr_seat_client *seat_client;
	struct wlr_seat_client *focus_client;
	struct wlr_drag_icon *icon; // can be NULL
	struct wlr_surface *focus; // can be NULL
	struct wlr_data_source *source; // can be NULL
	bool started, dropped, cancelling;
	int32_t grab_touch_id, touch_id; // if WLR_DRAG_GRAB_TOUCH
	struct {
		struct wl_signal focus;
		struct wl_signal motion; // struct wlr_drag_motion_event
		struct wl_signal drop; // struct wlr_drag_drop_event
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;
	struct wl_listener source_destroy;
	struct wl_listener seat_client_destroy;
	struct wl_listener icon_destroy;
	void *data;


struct wlr_drag *wlr_drag_create(​struct wlr_seat_client *seat_client, struct wlr_data_source *source, struct wlr_surface *icon_surface);

Creates a new drag. To request to start the drag, call wlr_seat_request_start_drag().

struct wlr_drag_drop_event

struct wlr_drag_drop_event {
	struct wlr_drag *drag;
	uint32_t time;

enum wlr_drag_grab_type

enum wlr_drag_grab_type {

struct wlr_drag_icon

struct wlr_drag_icon {
	struct wlr_drag *drag;
	struct wlr_surface *surface;
	bool mapped;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal map;
		struct wl_signal unmap;
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;
	struct wl_listener surface_destroy;
	void *data;

struct wlr_drag_motion_event

struct wlr_drag_motion_event {
	struct wlr_drag *drag;
	uint32_t time;
	double sx, sy;


void wlr_seat_request_set_selection(​struct wlr_seat *seat, struct wlr_seat_client *client, struct wlr_data_source *source, uint32_t serial);

Requests a selection to be set for the seat. If the request comes from a client, then set `client` to be the matching seat client so that this function can verify that the serial provided was once sent to the client on this seat.


void wlr_seat_request_start_drag(​struct wlr_seat *seat, struct wlr_drag *drag, struct wlr_surface *origin, uint32_t serial);

Requests a drag to be started on the seat.


void wlr_seat_set_selection(​struct wlr_seat *seat, struct wlr_data_source *source, uint32_t serial);

Sets the current selection for the seat. NULL can be provided to clear it. This removes the previous one if there was any. In case the selection doesn't come from a client, wl_display_next_serial() can be used to generate a serial.


void wlr_seat_start_drag(​struct wlr_seat *seat, struct wlr_drag *drag, uint32_t serial);

Starts a drag on the seat. This starts an implicit keyboard grab, but doesn't start a pointer or a touch grab.


void wlr_seat_start_pointer_drag(​struct wlr_seat *seat, struct wlr_drag *drag, uint32_t serial);

Starts a pointer drag on the seat. This starts implicit keyboard and pointer grabs.


void wlr_seat_start_touch_drag(​struct wlr_seat *seat, struct wlr_drag *drag, uint32_t serial, struct wlr_touch_point *point);

Starts a touch drag on the seat. This starts implicit keyboard and touch grabs.