Documentation for <wlr/types/wlr_presentation_time.h>

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struct wlr_presentation

struct wlr_presentation {
	struct wl_global *global;
	clockid_t clock;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;
	struct wl_listener display_destroy;


struct wlr_presentation *wlr_presentation_create(​struct wl_display *display, struct wlr_backend *backend);

struct wlr_presentation_event

struct wlr_presentation_event {
	struct wlr_output *output;
	uint64_t tv_sec;
	uint32_t tv_nsec;
	uint32_t refresh;
	uint64_t seq;
	uint32_t flags; // enum wp_presentation_feedback_kind


void wlr_presentation_event_from_output(​struct wlr_presentation_event *event, const struct wlr_output_event_present *output_event);

Fill a wlr_presentation_event from a struct wlr_output_event_present.

struct wlr_presentation_feedback

struct wlr_presentation_feedback {
	struct wl_list resources; // wl_resource_get_link()
	// Only when the wlr_presentation_surface_sampled_on_output() helper has
	// been called.
	struct wlr_output *output;
	bool output_committed;
	uint32_t output_commit_seq;
	struct wl_listener output_commit;
	struct wl_listener output_present;
	struct wl_listener output_destroy;


void wlr_presentation_feedback_destroy(​struct wlr_presentation_feedback *feedback);


void wlr_presentation_feedback_send_presented(​struct wlr_presentation_feedback *feedback, struct wlr_presentation_event *event);


struct wlr_presentation_feedback *wlr_presentation_surface_sampled(​struct wlr_presentation *presentation, struct wlr_surface *surface);

Mark the current surface's buffer as sampled.

The compositor must call this function when it uses the surface's current contents (e.g. when rendering the surface's current texture, when referencing its current buffer, or when directly scanning out its current buffer). A wlr_presentation_feedback is returned. The compositor should call wlr_presentation_feedback_send_presented() if this content has been displayed, then wlr_presentation_feedback_destroy().

NULL is returned if the client hasn't requested presentation feedback for this surface.


void wlr_presentation_surface_sampled_on_output(​struct wlr_presentation *presentation, struct wlr_surface *surface, struct wlr_output *output);

Mark the current surface's buffer as sampled on the given output.

Instead of calling wlr_presentation_surface_sampled() and managing the struct wlr_presentation_feedback itself, the compositor can call this function before a wlr_output_commit() call to indicate that the surface's current contents will be displayed on the output.