Documentation for <wlr/types/wlr_xcursor_manager.h>

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struct wlr_xcursor_manager

struct wlr_xcursor_manager {
	char *name;
	uint32_t size;
	struct wl_list scaled_themes; // wlr_xcursor_manager_theme::link

struct wlr_xcursor_manager dynamically loads xcursor themes at sizes necessary for use on outputs at arbitrary scale factors. You should call wlr_xcursor_manager_load() for each output you will show your cursor on, with the scale factor parameter set to that output's scale factor.


struct wlr_xcursor_manager *wlr_xcursor_manager_create(​const char *name, uint32_t size);

Creates a new XCursor manager with the given xcursor theme name and base size (for use when scale=1).


void wlr_xcursor_manager_destroy(​struct wlr_xcursor_manager *manager);


struct wlr_xcursor *wlr_xcursor_manager_get_xcursor(​struct wlr_xcursor_manager *manager, const char *name, float scale);

Retrieves a wlr_xcursor reference for the given cursor name at the given scale factor, or NULL if this struct wlr_xcursor_manager has not loaded a cursor theme at the requested scale.


bool wlr_xcursor_manager_load(​struct wlr_xcursor_manager *manager, float scale);

Ensures an xcursor theme at the given scale factor is loaded in the manager.


void wlr_xcursor_manager_set_cursor_image(​struct wlr_xcursor_manager *manager, const char *name, struct wlr_cursor *cursor);

Set a struct wlr_cursor's cursor image to the specified cursor name for all scale factors. struct wlr_cursor will take over from this point and ensure the correct cursor is used on each output, assuming a struct wlr_output_layout is attached to it.

struct wlr_xcursor_manager_theme

struct wlr_xcursor_manager_theme {
	float scale;
	struct wlr_xcursor_theme *theme;
	struct wl_list link;

An XCursor theme at a particular scale factor of the base size.