Documentation for <wlr/xwayland/shell.h>

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struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1

struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1 {
	struct wl_global *global;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal new_surface; // struct wlr_xwayland_surface_v1
	} events;
	// private state
	struct wl_client *client;
	struct wl_list surfaces; //
	struct wl_listener display_destroy;
	struct wl_listener client_destroy;

The Xwayland shell.

This is a shell only exposed to Xwayland.


struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1 *wlr_xwayland_shell_v1_create(​struct wl_display *display, uint32_t version);

Create the xwayland_shell_v1 global.

Compositors should add a global filter (see wl_display_set_global_filter()) to only expose this global to Xwayland clients.


void wlr_xwayland_shell_v1_destroy(​struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1 *shell);

Destroy the xwayland_shell_v1 global.


void wlr_xwayland_shell_v1_set_client(​struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1 *shell, struct wl_client *client);

Allow a client to bind to the xwayland_shell_v1 global.


struct wlr_surface *wlr_xwayland_shell_v1_surface_from_serial(​struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1 *shell, uint64_t serial);

Get a Wayland surface from an xwayland_shell_v1 serial.

Returns NULL if the serial hasn't been associated with any surface.

struct wlr_xwayland_surface_v1

struct wlr_xwayland_surface_v1 {
	struct wlr_surface *surface;
	uint64_t serial;
	// private state
	struct wl_resource *resource;
	struct wl_list link;
	struct wlr_xwayland_shell_v1 *shell;
	bool added;
	struct wl_listener surface_destroy;

An Xwayland shell surface.