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enum wlr_direction

enum wlr_direction {

struct wlr_output_layout

struct wlr_output_layout {
	struct wl_list outputs;
	struct wl_display *display;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal add; // struct wlr_output_layout_output
		struct wl_signal change;
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;
	void *data;
	// private state
	struct wl_listener display_destroy;

Helper to arrange outputs in a 2D coordinate space. The output effective resolution is used, see wlr_output_effective_resolution().

Outputs added to the output layout are automatically exposed to clients (see wlr_output_create_global()). They are no longer exposed when removed from the layout.


struct wlr_output_layout_output *wlr_output_layout_add(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *output, int lx, int ly);

Add the output to the layout at the specified coordinates. If the output is already a part of the output layout, it will become manually configured and will be moved to the specified coordinates.

Returns true on success, false on a memory allocation error.


struct wlr_output_layout_output *wlr_output_layout_add_auto(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *output);

Add the output to the layout as automatically configured. This will place the output in a sensible location in the layout. The coordinates of the output in the layout will be adjusted dynamically when the layout changes. If the output is already a part of the layout, it will become automatically configured.

Returns true on success, false on a memory allocation error.


struct wlr_output *wlr_output_layout_adjacent_output(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, enum wlr_direction direction, struct wlr_output *reference, double ref_lx, double ref_ly);

Get the closest adjacent output to the reference output from the reference point in the given direction.


void wlr_output_layout_closest_point(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *reference, double lx, double ly, double *dest_lx, double *dest_ly);

Get the closest point on this layout from the given point from the reference output. If reference is NULL, gets the closest point from the entire layout. If the layout is empty, the result is the given point itself.


bool wlr_output_layout_contains_point(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *reference, int lx, int ly);


struct wlr_output_layout *wlr_output_layout_create(​struct wl_display *display);


void wlr_output_layout_destroy(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout);


struct wlr_output *wlr_output_layout_farthest_output(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, enum wlr_direction direction, struct wlr_output *reference, double ref_lx, double ref_ly);


struct wlr_output_layout_output *wlr_output_layout_get(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *reference);

Get the output layout for the specified output. Returns NULL if no output matches.


void wlr_output_layout_get_box(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *reference, struct wlr_box *dest_box);

Get the box of the layout for the given reference output in layout coordinates. If `reference` is NULL, the box will be for the extents of the entire layout. If the output isn't in the layout, the box will be empty.


struct wlr_output *wlr_output_layout_get_center_output(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout);

Get the output closest to the center of the layout extents.


bool wlr_output_layout_intersects(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *reference, const struct wlr_box *target_lbox);

struct wlr_output_layout_output

struct wlr_output_layout_output {
	struct wlr_output_layout *layout;
	struct wlr_output *output;
	int x, y;
	struct wl_list link;
	bool auto_configured;
	struct {
		struct wl_signal destroy;
	} events;
	// private state
	struct wlr_addon addon;
	struct wl_listener commit;


struct wlr_output *wlr_output_layout_output_at(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, double lx, double ly);

Get the output at the specified layout coordinates. Returns NULL if no output matches the coordinates.


void wlr_output_layout_output_coords(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *reference, double *lx, double *ly);

Given x and y in layout coordinates, adjusts them to local output coordinates relative to the given reference output.


void wlr_output_layout_remove(​struct wlr_output_layout *layout, struct wlr_output *output);

Remove the output from the layout. If the output is already not a part of the layout, this function is a no-op.