Documentation for <wlr/render/pass.h>

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struct wlr_buffer_pass_options

struct wlr_buffer_pass_options {
	/* Timer to measure the duration of the render pass */
	struct wlr_render_timer *timer;

enum wlr_render_blend_mode

enum wlr_render_blend_mode {
	/* Pre-multiplied alpha (default) */
	/* Blending is disabled */

Blend modes.

struct wlr_render_color

struct wlr_render_color {
	float r, g, b, a;

A color value.

Each channel has values between 0 and 1 inclusive. The R, G, B channels need to be pre-multiplied by A.


void wlr_render_pass_add_rect(​struct wlr_render_pass *render_pass, const struct wlr_render_rect_options *options);

Render a rectangle.


void wlr_render_pass_add_texture(​struct wlr_render_pass *render_pass, const struct wlr_render_texture_options *options);

Render a texture.


bool wlr_render_pass_submit(​struct wlr_render_pass *render_pass);

struct wlr_render_rect_options

struct wlr_render_rect_options {
	/* Rectangle coordinates */
	struct wlr_box box;
	/* Source color */
	struct wlr_render_color color;
	/* Clip region, leave NULL to disable clipping */
	const pixman_region32_t *clip;
	/* Blend mode */
	enum wlr_render_blend_mode blend_mode;

struct wlr_render_texture_options

struct wlr_render_texture_options {
	/* Source texture */
	struct wlr_texture *texture;
	/* Source coordinates, leave empty to render the whole texture */
	struct wlr_fbox src_box;
	/* Destination coordinates, width/height default to the texture size */
	struct wlr_box dst_box;
	/* Opacity between 0 (transparent) and 1 (opaque), leave NULL for opaque */
	const float *alpha;
	/* Clip region, leave NULL to disable clipping */
	const pixman_region32_t *clip;
	/* Transform applied to the source texture */
	enum wl_output_transform transform;
	/* Filtering */
	enum wlr_scale_filter_mode filter_mode;
	/* Blend mode */
	enum wlr_render_blend_mode blend_mode;


struct wlr_render_pass *wlr_renderer_begin_buffer_pass(​struct wlr_renderer *renderer, struct wlr_buffer *buffer, const struct wlr_buffer_pass_options *options);

Begin a new render pass with the supplied destination buffer.

Callers must call wlr_render_pass_submit() once they are done with the render pass.

enum wlr_scale_filter_mode

enum wlr_scale_filter_mode {
	/* bilinear texture filtering (default) */
	/* nearest texture filtering */

Filter modes.